Stone Soup Event - Friday, 11/18

Your child is invited to the first annual, school-wide Stone Soup Event on Friday, November 18, 2016.

In the many versions of the Stone Soup folktale, a hungry stranger arrives to a village, pulls out a stone, places it in a pot and claims to be cooking a delicious Stone Soup, slowly enticing others to add what they have to the soup until the whole community has shared a hearty meal together. 

Like in the story, please have your child bring one of the following items to class to add to the soup on Thursday, November 17th, 2016: 

1.) Onions, Celery and Carrots -packaged and cut for soup at grocery store
2.) Red or sweet potatoes -uncut, in small bag
3.) Green Beans/peas-small bag, fresh or frozen
4.) Shredded Cabbage-8-16 oz package
5.) Leafy Green-8-16 oz pre-washed, pre-cut package
6.) Garlic-minced in jar
7.) Stewed tomatoes -can
8.) Vegetable of choosing-packaged
9.) Rolls -one dozen

By having the students recreate the folktale, the whole school will come together through the garden in a celebration of food and story, showcasing collaboration, harvest and community.

Teachers will read the folktale in the classroom. The garden classes will make decorations for the event and harvest veggies and herbs from the garden to include in the soup. The garden team will collect vegetables from the students on Thursday morning dressed as characters from Stone Soup. On Friday, during recess and lunch, the Stone Soup will be served to all students, teachers and staff.

The Garden Committee will provide the stone, veggie stock, cups and napkins. All leftover food will be donated to a soup kitchen.